Outlining Medical Tourism in India

Outlining Medical Tourism in India

A heart surgery in India would cost somewhere near to $6,000, the figure goes up to $30,000 when it comes to U.S. In the same way if we talk about other medical treatments such as a bone marrow transplant can cost you $26,000 in India with contrast to U.S charging an amount of $2, 50,000. This huge gap in the price rate and the uncompromised quality of Indian medical services makes it stand still in the global health tourism sector by giving a tough competition to other potential and developed countries. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

With an overall reduction of 30% in the cost of medical treatments, India has beaten the records of Thailand which was once considered as the best care spots. India is now inked as the cheapest health tourism destinations throughout the world, especially in the entire Southeast Asia. In fact, this industry is inclined to grow to Rs 11, 000 crores within few couple of years. Considering at the current state of Health Tourism, India is emerging as a hot spot for patients looking for cost effective medical treatments and people seeking a career in this field.

Keeping this in mind many health care facilitators have come up in India to do their bit in order to deliver health care service information to the seeking patients overseas and within the nation. However, the decision to choose any one health care facilitator is crucial yet essential.

Why choose ‘ICRI Medical Tourism’?

At ‘ICRI Medical Tourism’, we offer apt health information and service provider details to all the patients or interested personals throughout the world. ‘ICRI Medical Tourism’ is the leader in Global Healthcare Facilitator group that delivers accurate assistance of renowned and specialized hospital networks, expert surgeons, affordable and quality accommodation and other travel and medical solutions to one and all.

Cost of Cardiac Surgery, Bone Mone marrow transplant, Liver transplant, Orthopaedic surgery and other key health treatments is upto 30% low in India compared to any potential care tourism country. Evaluating this we at ‘ICRI Medical Tourism’ have competently synergized the facilities of the healthcare service providers as well as undertaken hospitality and tourism services into one comprehensive package at an affordable price without negotiating the quality.

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