Different Types of Casino Bonuses

Different Types of Casino Bonuses

There is nothing more important than having a host of facilities close by your investment property to attract tourists to stay there. Modern day tourists want to be cosseted but also to have a range of sports and other activities to help them relax and enjoy their holiday all the more. Tourists to the Caribbean are, by their very nature, demanding.

Hence, you need to consider the facilities which could attract the tourists to your small part of paradise. The more tourists the more returns for your investment.

Because of its all year round climate, and the warmth of the Caribbean Sea, it is important to be near the sea. Beaches still have appeal to most people and beaches on Barbados, St Lucia or Grenada, for example, can all testify to the draw to the tourists who visit. 슈어맨

The Sandy Lane resort in St James, Barbados, situated on the beautiful west coast, has a superb white sand beach which is always welcome. However, it has many more facilities to attract the discerning tourist because they are aware that just a beach is not enough to satisfy most people for a whole holiday. They also have tennis courts, a championship golf course, a spa, pools, bars, restaurants and clubs for the young at heart and in age. There are activities such as swimming and snorkelling, sailing and diving which are all available. They cater for events and meetings and the weddings and honeymoons which are always a popular attraction, in the Caribbean especially.

The Royal Westmoreland, also in St James parish, Barbados is close by to Mullins Beach where it has full beachfront facilities such as restaurant and bar. But again, it has much more to offer like a championship golf course in stunning settings, a world class spa, tennis courts and the usual restaurants and bars, clubs and luxury shopping.

Situated in the stunningly picturesque Grenadines, the Raffles resort on Canouan Island also has facilities which bring tourists flocking in. It also features beautiful white sand beaches and at its heart beats the Trump International Golf Club which is set in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable. There are tennis courts, water sports, a swimming pool, gourmet restaurants, a spa, fitness centre and an Anglican stone church in the centre of the complex which is very popular for weddings. Finally, to trump everything else, so to speak, there is a casino provided by the Trump Club in the nearby mountains.

The point about all these resorts and their attractive facilities is that they consistently draw in large numbers of tourists, many who return year after year, who pay large sums of money to stay in luxurious surroundings with an extensive range of activities to occupy the mind and body. This means that investors in these resorts enjoy high room rates and high occupancy throughout the year which gives them a great return on their investment. Why are these resorts so popular, even though they are very expensive to stay in?

The Benefits

The reason they are so attractive is because they pay attention to detail and provide facilities which tourists are seeking to make their holiday memorable. They provide upmarket accommodation and activities, pampering, shopping, sports facilities, golf courses and even the thrill of a gamble.


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